The two conferences of the themes  “Advances in Bioenergy and Biomaterials” and “Mechanical engineering and Mechatronics” are organized on 20th and 21st December,2017.  It consists of invited lectures by leading scientists and technocrats in the relevant areas  as well as contributory papers from academicians, researchers and students. The topics covered will be in the following fields of interest.

•    Biopharmaceuticals , Biomass and biomass utilization

•    Bioenergy production and economics

•    Biofuels production and economics

•    Bioethanol and its usage

•    Alternate cheap bioenergy and biofuels

•    Fuel cells, Biofuel cells and their current status

•    Biomaterials & Bioorgans development

•    Bionanotechnology

•    Environmental engineering

•    Solid Mechanics & Fluid Mechanics

•    Thermal Engg & propulsion

•    Automobile and Cryogenic Engineering

•    Advances in manufacturing & CIM

•    Mechatronics and Robotics

•    Nanotechnology

•    Advances in materials science

•   Composite materials